Our Services


Property Assessment

Much like a home inspector, we work with you to make an informed decision when you are about to purchase or to renovate a home.  We take measurements, compare them to livability standards and guidelines, and provide you with a report that shows the degree of alignment of the dwelling (or multiple dwellings) to your situation and needs.  From there you can decide which best suits your needs, what you would need to change and what you can live with. 

Project Management

Building a home? We can work with your contractor at all stages of construction to ensure that your project is on track to meet the accessibility standard you have set.



Looking to relocate or modernize your business?  We assess potential properties and help you determine what would be required for you to meet current standards and guidelines for accessibility.  If you wish to stay where you are, we can also inspect your existing facility and provide you with a compliance assessment.

Surveys and Questionnaires

Interested in finding out about what your customers, clients, or employees think about your business’s accessibility?  We design and run on-line surveys to help you find out.  We work directly with individuals who cannot respond online.

Plans and Strategies

If you are interested in making your business more accessible to people with disabilities, we will help you to develop a plan.  We do not do formal compliance audits, but can help you to develop your plan to become compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and aligned with the Integrated Accessibility Standards.